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Personalise customers shopping experience with Sparkstone CRM.

Sparkstone CRM offers businesses the opportunity to easily and effectively gather data needed to provide a tailored service for each individual customer. 


These days, personalisation isn’t just about adding a customer name at the top of an email or displaying recommendations based on search results. Personalisation extends to much more; it’s about using collected data, to create an exciting experience that not only encourages customers to purchase, but also to return time and time again.

It’s now possible for companies to communicate with customers about their individual preferences and use that information to offer more relevant products, pricing, recommendations and offers.

The increasing use of digital devices along with more people buying online, means that businesses can collect more data about customers than ever before. Sales and marketing teams can use this information to see trends within customer buying patterns, as well as recording the wants and needs of individual users.

Social Media gives brands an opportunity to not only increase brand awareness amongst potential customers, but also to create more engagement with existing customers.

74% of Internet users login to Facebook every day, whilst 35% use Twitter on a daily basis.

By making sure your brand is active across social media, you are likely to reach many more customers with your blog posts and product announcements. Social media is also a great way to interact with your audience – in fact 5% of Internet users are also using social media to get answers to their questions from brands. Sparkstone CRM lets you ‘listen’ out for any tweets you’re mentioned in – allowing you to respond personally and efficiently to both positive and negative comments about you brand.

Personalisation is about listening to customers and making them feel valued. By understanding the best way to contact them and having a complete history of their purchases, you can deliver far more personalised support and follow up information. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) from Sparkstone, helps to make sure your conversations are always personal, relevant and up-to-date.

Take a look at our video to find out more…


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