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What is a responsive website and why do you need it?

Responsive websites have been around for a while now, but what are they, why do you need one and how could they benefit you?


Firstly, a ‘responsive’ website is one that provides an ideal viewing experience by automatically adjusting to your browser window size – it’s a technique that is used for building websites to work on mobile devices, tables and desktop screens. With mobile usage constantly expanding, mobile responsive or adaptive websites have become essential for any business – over 20% of Google searches are performed on a mobile device.

When a user views a responsive website on their desktop device, they see the ‘full’ version of the site, but when viewing on a smartphone or tablet, responsive design presents them with an altered version, which has been adjusted to fit onto a smaller screen, perhaps with a different orientation (i.e. portrait instead of landscape).

Where responsive design differs from adaptive design is that all of the images and content of the website is loaded into the browser, making it accessible to the viewer. Adaptive websites instead deliver a  different set of page templates, sometimes with alternative or drastically reduced content, which can help to speed up page load times. But many studies show that customers can find this frustrating as they would prefer to see ALL of the website content.

With mobile users spending more money per purchase than customers on desktop websites, it’s surprising that many businesses are yet to pick up on this trend and convert their site to a responsive one. MarquisiPhone

Sparkstone Creative’s recent website for ‘Marquis by Waterford’ is a great example of responsive design. Ideal for mobile and tablet use, it showcases their products with high quality images and utilises every pixel of available screen space.

Take a look here:

But why should you go responsive?

  1. As-well-as keeping your audience happy with ease of use and adaptable layouts, responsive designs have the ability to increase conversation rates.
    How? If a website does not work responsively on a mobile, tablet or wearable tech device, users have to work harder than needed to find what they are looking for, making it is less likely they will proceed to the checkout. Therefore if your website is responsive, customers will find it easier to navigate and are more likely to press that ‘purchase’ button!
  2. Have you ever left a website because it didn’t load fast enough? Thought so!
    47% of consumers expect a web page to load in less than 2 seconds and 40% will abandon a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Responsive websites can be developed to use a process called ‘lazy loading’. This makes them faster by loading content only when it’s required as you scroll down the page.
  3. Google recommends it! – Google has recently changed the way its search engine ranks sites, favouring mobile & responsive websites and meaning a boost to organic search results for sites that offer good mobile usability.

Responsive design is about providing the optimum user experience and enabling visitors to consume content on any website through the device of their choice. As our phones become the key route to finding goods and services online, the need to have a responsive website has become more important than ever before for almost any business.

Internet content is growing rapidly and without a mobile-friendly website your ability to attract online visitors isn’t certain. If you’re not providing a stress-free, easy to read website,  your customers will bounce off within seconds and find a competitor’s site that is easier to use. The future of the web is mobile and making your website responsive is a small price to pay for the benefits it will bring.


A great example of responsive Ecommerce design is Sparkstone’s latest website for Park Cameras –

Sparkstone redeveloped Park’s ageing website using our latest Content Management System (CMS), built on .Net technology. It’s a revamp that was immediate in its impact, with onsite conversations increasing by 150% in the first few weeks go live – read more on Park Cameras story here…

Want to know more or need your website made responsive call Sparkstone on: 01489 795 000.


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