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Technology is making it impossible to say “I can’t” and forcing you to say “How can I?”

Wearable tech is just the beginning…

shutterstock_66219487The 21st century has seen a number of new technologies expand. From wireless headsets in sports to using Google Glass in hospitals, there is no doubt technology is changing our day-to-day lives.

It wasn’t too long ago when chunky Televisions, VCR’s and brick-like mobile phones were the panicle of consumer technology; nowadays there is always something bigger and better arriving on the market with the latest tech invention sure to be a top feature.

Technology is evolving.

Evolving Technology

Old technology such as the 1920s Candlestick telephone is being replaced time and time again with smaller, touch screen devices that can do everything all in one. Back in 2000, if you wanted a device with video recording, a music player, cell phone and TV capabilities, a watch and the power of a computer you’d have to buy all of them separately. Very few people could afford to own a mobile phone, yet these day’s 7 in 10 people in the UK own a smartphone.

Listening to CDs (and tapes!!) is no longer in fashion, and even iPods and MP3 players, which were a hit just ten years ago, are no longer cool. Teachers have gone from blackboards to whiteboards, to SMART boards and books to the internet – everything is going digital.

How far will technology go and are we still just at the beginning?

It is likely that mobile phone technology and the internet will become increasingly driven by human integration. With wearables being the latest trend and the current expanding device, we could see virtual holographic displays and inbuilt chips eventually taking over. The same technology could then be reinforced again and again with all forms of entertainment used through these connections.

But it’s not just the entertainment world which technology is expanding rapidly, more and more devices are being used in medicine and travel. The hope is that future technology will be able to provide treatments and therapy for chronic illnesses and viruses. Along with driverless cars and vehicles becoming fully automated, and space travel becoming commercial.

Technology is giving us a whole new take on surfing the web and buying online with a wider variety and even easier ways to shop, even enabling you to work really effectively with people anywhere in the world.

Some of the most significant changes that technology has delivered over the last few decades have been focused on productivity and communication. This even includes children’s toys – robots that can research the internet. This is likely to encourage younger generations further to use the internet and shop online, becoming normality for youngsters.

Technology is even relied on for great customer service, efficiency and used a great deal to gain information to aid marketing. There’s no doubt technology is ubiquitous among the growth and success of business. With so many ways of now making a payment, from PayPal to Sage Pay, making sure your checkout page is easy to use should be top of your list. It’s also important to make sure you site is mobile and tablet friendly. Modern day phones are now powerful enough to do everything we want them to, alongside tablets. However with smartphone screens becoming larger and the capabilities becoming more alike PCs, tablets are beginning to be seen as a “nice-to-have and not a must-have” and sales growth is slowing dramatically. So making sure your site is still fully accessible via a computer is a necessity.

Not only does tech give us various ways to buy online and do new things on a day-to-day basis, it’s also become a popular way of providing an income, whether that be buying and selling collectables via eBay as a hobby, setting up your own Ecommerce website to support your shop, even making Vines can now earn you some extra cash!

But it’s not limited to online; various companies are using digital media and newer technologies such as digital billboards to capture people’s attention. London agency WCRS teamed up with Women’s Aid and Ocean Outdoor to create remarkable digital billboards about domestic violence. Facial recognition technology was used to give high impact, and communicate with the public.

Technology has become an essential part of our daily routine, it’s everywhere and it’s making it impossible to say “I can’t” and forcing you to say “How can I?” We cannot live without it.


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