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Top Tips on boosting online sales and overcoming cart abandonment.

Top Tips on boosting online sales and overcoming cart abandonment.

Any business selling online should optimise their shopping carts and Ecommerce sites to suit the customer’s preferences.

According to a report from Listrak, a whopping 74% of carts were abandoned over the last six months – an eye-watering statistic for many retailers.

So how can businesses ensure that customers fill their cart and actually check out? Below are a few tips on where to start.

shutterstock_97947788#1.  Reduce the amount of clicks from product to payment.                                                          The more your visitors have to click around your site, the more likely they are to abandon it! Reducing the number of pages involved in the checkout progress creates a faster, smoother experience for the customer – and the less time they have to change their mind!

#2. Enclose the checkout.
‘Enclosing the checkout’ means removing features such as navigation bars and pop-ups, which may distract customers from completing their purchase. By having a simple checkout screen, it allows the shopper to focus on the specified task – paying!

#3. Eliminate hidden charges.
No one likes a nasty surprise! Make sure customers have the ability to quickly check the total of their shopping carts, including the total charges of delivery and VAT, before they complete the checkout. This removes any concerns about unknown additional costs.

#4. Payment and Billing
Make it easy for customers to alter order details and payment methods. A variety of payment methods and being able to change the quantity, etc, etc, are really important. If your customer’s primary credit card isn’t on your list of accepted payment methods, or they can’t remove an item without starting over, they are not likely to continue with their purchase.

#5. Go Mobile!
It’s 2015 and Mobile Ecommerce isn’t going away! Many people prefer to shop online via mobile or tablets and they want information quickly, effortlessly and in fragments. Purchases made via mobile are often impulsive buys and many statistics show that mobile users spend more money per purchase than customers on desktop websites. So if your Ecommerce site isn’t mobile responsive then it’s time to get in touch with Sparkstone and optimise it now.

#6. Abandoned cart emails
Having started to fill an online cart, people can get distracted and start to shop around, often browsing a competitor’s site as well as your own. Sending a friendly reminder about their abandoned cart can be just the trigger some people need to complete their checkout, especially if you throw in a special offer or a recommended product based on what they already have in their cart. Sparkstone Creative are here to help with email templates and friendly email marketing techniques that can prompt conversions.

shutterstock_193510067#7. Social Media                                                                                                                                    The variety and volume of people joining and using social media is increasing every month. Boost your online sales by advertising on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and even Instagram. Doing so, can lead to many new openings and opportunities. Post daily, offer competitions and use the sponsored ads to re-target potential customers. And don’t forget… think mobile! As this is where the majority of people use social media, you have the option to run campaigns specifically for mobile devices.

#8. Use powerful imagery to attract.
It’s getting harder to grab the attention of our targeted audiences with the staggering amount of competition and ways to receive information. Boost your product’s interest by using professional looking images on your site and in ads. Photography is a powerful sales tool – not only does it give a great visual, it helps to highlight the products assists. Use an image hover zoom on product pages to show more detail and give maximum impact… there’s nothing worse than a small, blurry product image!

#9. Make it easy
Make the checkout process as simple as possible, in addition to #1 and #2, make sure your site has the ability to ‘guest checkout’. Many people don’t have the time to fill out sign up forms before they can buy, so making this mandatory can put people off. Give people the option to sign up for an account or continue as a guest, but let them know the deals they can receive or your special one-click checkout process are only available by becoming a member.

Both Sparkstone Technology and Sparkstone Creative can help boost your online sales and overcome shopping cart abandonment, call 01489 795 000 now!


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