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Is personalisation worth the effort?

Most marketers know that personalisation is a great way to boost conversion rates from ads.  But have you actually weighed up the extra cost of creating all that personalised content? (usually in time, but can also be production costs).

If you have a pretty small audience, it can sometimes be better to create an email or banner ad that touches all bases rather than sending out multiple emails or creating numerous banner ads each with a different design and message. But for larger databases, the opportunity to personalise content can offer significant improvements to your conversion rates and ROI . It’s a strategy that has been used in printed direct mail for decades, with almost every letter you receive from a utilities company or charity having some element of Mail Merge content to make it feel more personal to you.

The pros and cons dilemma of personalisation is something that many marketers face when advertising budgets are tight but they’re still under pressure to generate genuine sales leads. Should you target fewer, but ‘hotter’ prospects, or should you cast your net wide and at the same time create broader brand awareness?

Obviously we can personalise text content much more easily than graphical content, but even so, have you ever measured the ROI for your all your hard work creating different headings, calls-to-action and even personalised body text?

The question of “how personal is too personal?” also comes in to play when creating content, as we know that using first names is considered friendly, but when your data is inaccurate it can make your business look incompetent or rude.

Sparkstone Technology, recently had to tackle this problem as we’re a company that offers services for an extremely diverse range of customers. We create software for retailers, including Stock Management, EPOS and E-Commerce; but our CRM products can also be used for B2B companies, Travel & Tourism and even Pet Adoption charities to pair up animals with potential owners.


So should we create an email campaign that was generic in its message and applicable to almost any business? or should we create numerous emails, each with customised text, headlines and graphics that were specific to each market?

We opted for a hybrid approach – customised emails (based on an easy edit template) but with calls to action that go to generic pages of our website, which talk about the benefits of our software for a range of businesses.

By doing this and also hosting those emails on our website, we  managed to not only boost the SEO value of our site because of the vertical specific text, but we also managed to increase the conversion rates from our email marketing.

So far the statistics for personalised email content have been encouraging and it’s a strategy we intend to use in our banner ad campaigns as well… albeit based on our central theme of performance enhancing products (currently #PerformanceRetail)

Here’s a few links to a some of our emails so you can see how a small changes to text and graphics helped make our message more relevant and create a stronger emotional response.

Sparkstone for Cycle Retailers

Sparkstone for Jewellers

Sparkstone for Builders and Plumbers Merchants

Sparkstone for Salon Suppliers


Q. How have you used personalisation to improve your conversion rates?  Or do you find that the time involved outweighs the ROI?

We’d love to read your comments and any advice you have for personalising Banner Ads or other online content.



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