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Learn how to use Loyalty Schemes for increased customer spend.

Factors motivating retail sector loyalty members to spend more

Reward your customers and they will come back for more!

Customer retention is key to business growth – reward your customers and in turn they will reward your faith in them.

In today’s competitive market it’s expensive to gain new customers and arguably even more expensive to lose customers once you have them.

One of the major tools at your disposal is loyalty schemes – and if structured correctly you will find loyalty schemes vastly more cost effective than other promotional marketing methods.

By adding a loyalty scheme to your in-store epos and online e-commerce store you’ll not only encourage additional spending from your customers, but you’ll also help to boost the positive social media chatter about your brand.

Tesco offers Clubcard, the king of loyalty schemes; it’s an initiative that has not only helped them to become market leader in coupon driven turnover, but it has also helped them to gather the most in-depth customer profile information held by any retailer in the world.

This ‘gold dust’ information helps retailers like Tesco to not only send out targeted promotions, but it also helps their stock fulfillment program by helping to predict which stores are most likely to benefit from certain voucher promotions – i.e. if they allocate the same amount of vouchers to customers around two different stores – they know which group of customers are more likely to take up those voucher offers.

Taking this concept one step further… Tesco can offer the same discount to all customers, but by tailoring the wording on a per-customer basis they are able to appeal to each individual’s education level and wage demographic.

So as you can see, the potential for personalised loyalty content is enormous!

For years we’ve been tailoring and personalising our Email Marketing and Google Adwords campaigns so they appeal to our chosen demographic. With sophisticated Loyalty Scheme tools you can use this same concept to target your offers more effectively and increase conversions both online and in-store.

The most important thing is to make your loyalty scheme is simple as possible. Whether you choose Tesco’s model of “1 penny = 1 point” or Game’s “Reward = 2% of purchase value”, make it easy for customers to understand what points they are earning and more importantly, how they can spend them!


*Sparkstone Technology are one of the UK’s leading retail software providers, offering solutions for EPOS, ECOMMERCE, CRM and Loyalty Schemes.


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