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Top Tips for SEO

Old tactics such as directory submissions and forum linking are slowly becoming less useful for ranking. Earlier this year we saw two major algorithm releases from Google called ‘Panda’ and ‘Penguin’, each had a different purpose.

The Panda Update was designed to target websites and blogs that have poor quality content, articles that are stuffed with as many keywords as possible, which offers no real value for the reader. The Google Penguin Update  was launched shortly released after Panda and focuses more on tackling spam, keyword stuffing, keyword cloaking, unnatural linking and punishing websites that do not follow Google’s quality guidelines. The above tactics are known as black hat SEO techniques and will cause your website to be penalised if detected by Google, which will have a negative effect on all of your SEO efforts.

You’ll find hundreds of blogs telling you that content is king and needs to be completely unique. This is the best advice that you’ll find and it’s the easiest to follow. Start writing articles yourself or find someone within your company to do it for you (Sparkstone copywriting service). After all it’s the people within your business who know your company best and will have the most useful and captivating content to share with your target audience.

When writing content for a blog or website make sure that it’s written with the user in mind rather than using tactics such as keyword stuffing to target search engines. Creating unique content, which engages the reader with questions and insightful information will have a much greater chance of improving your website rank over time. An article that has been well written and covers a topic in great depth is more likely to be shared with friends and colleagues rather than an article stuffed with keywords that makes little sense.

We have listed a few general SEO tips for Ecommerce based websites below:

  • Ensure Meta title contains Primary and Secondary keywords as well as Article title and brand name if there is room (Character length:70)
  • Write a detailed Meta description of the Article (This is your chance to sell the article to the reader and entice them to click on your link so make sure it’s brief but informative)
  • Add an H1 tag to the top of the article and add the primary keyword within this tag as well as the article title
  • Add the primary and secondary keywords 2-8 times within content (exact match) and 1-5 times (partial match)
  • Where possible add the keyword within the URL of the page / post
  • If any images are added make sure a descriptive ALT tag is in place
  • Use emphasis such as Bold, italic and underline for Primary keywords
  • Add sharing plugins such as ‘Addthis’ or ‘ShareThis’ to enable the article to be shared via Social media.

SEO Tips for Ecommerce product pages:

  1. Ideal Meta title format: Keyword Brand Product name | Type | Category (Length no greater than 70 characters)
  2. Create unique Meta description for each category, sub category and product
  3. Display customer reviews on product page (fresh content!)
  4. Add a product video section (fresh content)
  5. Add social sharing options next to product
  6. Avoid duplicate content
  7. Optimise Anchor Text
  8. Add a descriptive ALT tag to each product image
  9. Ensure the URL contains the category name and product name
  10. Add all products to XML Sitemap

Useful plugins: If you have a WordPress blog we would recommend that you install the Yoast SEO all in one pack as it provides a checklist for each Post / page to ensure that it’s fully optimised.

2 comments on “Top Tips for SEO

  1. Sales Techniques
    January 28, 2013

    It’s hard to come by well-informed people about this topic, however, you seem like you know what you’re talking about!

    December 13, 2014

    Usually I neglect where mine even is. I am constantly saddened and sometimes dismayed by the number of folks I see strolling down the road looking at a phone as opposed to where they are going.

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