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New Iphone 5 announced today

official iphone 5 photo

In San Francisco literally as I write this post, the marketing team and top level execs at Apple, are preparing for what could be the biggest press conference in the company’s history.

What’s more important however, is that today’s product launch is perhaps even more crucial than that of the original iPhone back in 2007. The iPhone range of products currently makes up such a huge percentage of Apple’s hardware sales that the success of it’s latest iteration is absolutely vital to the company.

During the last couple of years, Apple has seen increased competition in the smartphone sector from companies like Samsung, HTC and more recently the Nokia/Microsoft tie-up. It’s a challenge to their dominance that so far Apple has managed to rebuff but with a growing public annoyance at their bullyboy tactics they really need a product to win back the hearts and minds of consumers who may be starting to look elsewhere.

For the best part of two years now, Apple has been mired in endless patent disputes with Samsung and even now a grocery store in Poland who are using a similar logo to the technology giant. But away from the spotlight competitors like Nokia, HTC and Motorola have all been developing devices that offer consumers a real alternative to the iOS software platform and technical advancements that actually make the current iPhone lineup looking pretty basic.

I’ve made no secret of my own love of the Nokia Lumia line up and more importantly its use of the gorgeous looking Windows Phone OS, now in its 8th version. But I think it’s the combination of software and hardware that Nokia, Motorola and Samsung all offer which makes the hefty price tag of ANY Apple device difficult to justify, particularly when the economy is stuck in a global double-dip recession.

Of course Apple will always have its ‘fanboys’ who will always buy their products no matter what, but I think Apple will have to pull out something pretty special today if they are going to continue to dominate the smartphone market as they have done since 2007. If they decide to take Amazon’s approach with the Kindle Fire and lead the show on price, then they could grab people’s attention more than say a 24 mega pixel 3D camera, but I think they’ll probably stick to what they know best and deliver a well made (forgetting the iPhone 4 antennae fiasco), stylish, and highly desirable piece of tech.

Would I want one? – of course

Would I buy one? – probably not, unless they do a seriously attractive trade-in deal


One comment on “New Iphone 5 announced today

  1. sparkstoneweb
    September 12, 2012

    I’ve just been looking at the official specs released by Apple for the new iPhone 5 and I can safely say they are #spectacularlyaverage.

    As I suggested in this blog post written just before today press conference, the Apple iPhone5 could well be seen as a make or break product for the company. Ok, so that’s a bit extreme as they have more than one string to their bow. But I think it’s clear to anyone with even a slight interest in technology that Apple really haven’t done enough to stay ahead of the pack – particularly the emerging force of Nokia and Microsoft.

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