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Social media encourages crawling of your website

Did you know that every time you post a link to a website on Twitter it triggers a number of search engines to immediately visit that link and spider through all the other URL links it finds there?

At Sparkstone Technology and Sparkstone Creative we use an online chat service on our websites to talk to website visitors and discuss their needs whilst they are on our site.

A useful side benefit of the software we use (whos on) is that we can see exactly who is visiting our website in real-time and not just several hours after the event as per Google Analytics. Through this software we’ve noticed that by posting a link on twitter to one of our websites, we actually see a benefit across all our sites as they are interlinked on multiple pages.

Spiders crawling the Sparkstone website just minutes after originally posting this blog

So the lesson is…

If you are posting news about your company on Twitter, Facebook or almost any other social media site, always try and include a link to somewhere on your website.

Why this is important…

By doing this your article gets indexed sooner rather than later and if somebody decides to re-tweet or re-blog your work, you original article will still appear at the top of the search listings and not their copied version of it.

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