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QR tags give the dead a new lease of life

Whilst most businesses in general have been quick to adopt new internet technology, most have been slightly slower to grasp the potential of mobile and in particular the relatively recent technology of QR tags (and Microsoft TAG).

QR standing for Quick Response codes are a sort of square barcode designed to be scanned by the camera on a mobile phone or by a webcam attached to your computer. It’s a useful tool for most businesses, as it can guide people to dedicated landing pages on your website with useful information about a product or service.

It’s particularly useful for e-commerce retailers as you can create magazine or billboard ads with the QR tags somewhere on the page and then track the success of each ad location with tools like Google Analytics. It’s a great way of assessing your ROI for offline advertising.

However, at the tail end of Meridian TV’s news last night i discovered that a company in the south of England is offering a slightly different use for this barcode technology…

QR tags on gravestones

If you suffer the misfortune of having death in your family and plan a traditional graveyard burial for your loved one, you can now include more than just the traditional few words of remembrance on their headstone.  A funeral directors firm in Dorset is now offering the option of having a QR tag engraved onto a granite headstone and a link embedded which takes people to an online webpage giving details about the deceased.

A discussion here in the Sparkstone offices suggested that before long this would probably extend to a full augmented reality ‘hologram’ of the dead person although most of us thought that might be too macabre. But whether you agree with this idea or not, it’s certainly an innovative use of the technology.

Scan the QR tag using your smartphone  canning the QR tag takes you to a web page with information about the deceased
Instructions on how to scan a QR barcode Scanning a QR tag can take you to a dedicated landing page

What’s probably more important for readers of this blog however, is the clear indication that QR tags are now hear to stay (and NFC is gaining momentum too) and if you’re serious about doing business online, you should be ‘thinking outside of the box’
(sorry about the pun), and using QR tags to enrich your customer experience.


Would you like a QR tag on your gravestone so in a hundred years time people could learn about you or perhaps even visit your Facebook page to see a timeline of your life?


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