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137 days until the end of the world – what happens then for retailers?

According to Mayan prophecy there’s just 137 days to go until the end of the world, and so far it looks like 2012 could be a good year to go out with a bang.

There’s continuing poor performance in the global economy and in the Eurozone specifically, many people are wondering if the past 10 years has been a huge mistake. But on the plus side, team GB are having a fantastic London 2012 Olympic Games and it would be pretty good to go out in a high with three gold medals in the space of 45 mins.

But what if it doesn’t all end on December 21st as predicted? What are your plans for 2013 and more importantly what are you doing now to make your business buck the downward trend of 2012’s recession?

If you’re sitting on your hands waiting to see what your competitors are going to do, then you may as well give up on Dec 21st. But if you want this Olympic year to be the start of something really great for your business, then we think there are a few race strategies you can adopt to put you in the gold medal position.

1. If you are designing a new website adopt the mobile first principle. It’s a methodology that asks you to consider what is the absolute minimum amount of text information and graphics that can get your message across to visitors. If your main website looks ok with just that info on the main pages then go for it. Your pages will load quicker on all platforms and for the growing percentage of mobile users it will make for a much more enjoyable user experience. You can then ‘flesh-out’ your website with landing pages, designed to give Google extra content and help you achieve higher search engine rankings. Landing pages are also a great way of tracking the success of marketing campaigns, where direct page links are given to customers to guide them to specific products or voucher code offers.

2. Assess, adapt, review, assess, adapt, review.
Uses a cyclical and ongoing approach to development – whether you sell E-commerce software like Sparkstone or sell cut price clothing on a market stall. You need to constantly assess the success of certain products and adapt your strategy if that assessment highlights any weak areas of performance. You should then adopt a program of regular performance reviews and makes changes to your products or marketing techniques if you aren’t selling as much as you had anticipated. 2012 / 2013 will be THE year that separates the winners from the losers, and businesses that fail to be proactive could well be forgotten by the time the next summer Olympics comes around. (So if you’re in the business of selling Olympic ring t-shirts, you really need a four year strategy!)

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