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What is Multichannel retail?

What consists of Multichannel Retail?

  • Retail stores
  • E-commerce
  • Mobile Commerce
  • Telephone Sales
  • Mail Order
  • Mobile App Sales

and any other method that includes a transaction with a customer.

What are the benefits of Multichannel?

Increased sales:

The main driving force behind any retailer wishing to change their strategy is increasing profit, to do this first they must increase their sales. Having a Multi-channel solution that offers your service across a mixture of platforms increases the chance of gaining a potential customer as you’re giving the customer more options on how to make a purchase, by maximising the convenience and usability for the customer, you’re likely to get a happy customer returning for another order.

Accurate data collection:

If you’ve got more than one channel then you’ve got the possibility that you’re going to get more customers of different age groups which means more data collection and the information can then be used more effectively. Having a Mobile store or Web store allows more concise data to be collected as a user feels more comfortable submitted their details to a form, rather than talking to a salesperson. Being able to track and compare web orders is vital for companies in terms of marketing as they can target certain users that are more likely to purchase a type of product. If your company runs marketing campaigns and are constantly getting unhappy customers unsubscribing then you should be analysing your email campaign to make sure you’re not wasting time and money on customers that have no interest.

Customer Loyalty

By offering more platforms you’re not just thinking about increasing sales you’re also thinking about putting the customer first, after all they are the ones using your Store/ Product, making the customer happy will eventually make you happy. Customers notice the little details, such as if they visit your website to buy a particular product if you’re offering alternative methods of payment such as Mail order or Telephone sales then you’re giving the customers more choices rather than forcing them down a single path and potentially losing a customer.

New Customers

Smartphone usage is constantly growing, a study recently showing that over 38% of smartphone owners have made a purchase via their Smartphone. Mobile commerce is one channel that you really can’t afford to miss out of the mix; it’s so popular now due to the enhanced coverage those mobile phone providers can offer. It allows flexibility and is more convenient for a potential customer to use their Smartphone to make an enquiry about a product or even a purchase rather than turning on their PC / Laptop.

How do I choose which channels to use:

Think about who your target audience is, depending on what age generation you are targeting will help you decide which platforms to choose. For instance if you’re service is “Men’s Fashion” you can’t really avoid having a “bricks and mortar” store as certain customers feel more comfortable trying before they buy, however with in-store you’re then limited to location so you might want to expand to having a E-commerce and Mobile-commerce website. It also depends on the product you sell, there is very little point having a “bricks and mortar” store if you run a shop that sells via Ebay.

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