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Is being ‘Freshly Pressed’ better than sex?


Ok so the title of this blog post is a shameless attempt to grab your attention and it should probably read, ‘is being Freshly Pressed the best thing that can happen to your blog?’ –  but that’s a bit wordy isn’t it.

Since starting this WordPress blog site several months ago, we’ve had a steady growth in followers, through what we hope is well written and useful information. But like trending on Twitter, it seems there is a sure fire way to gain massive amounts of new followers and that is to get your blog post on the prestigious ‘Freshly Pressed’ board.

What’s not clear however, is how this list of blog posts is decided upon and if there is an actual person in charge of deciding who makes the cut. Is the list made up of the most visited new blog posts or is it created by a real life ‘WordPress community editor’, who actually takes the time to read the content and makes an informed decision on whether other people will enjoy reading it?

If this isn’t the case, then it seems possible that an already successful blog site with many followers could actually churn out a pretty useless new blog post, but get loads of initial hits because they have a large number of followers.  An automated WordPress monitor could then decide that this new post is particularly interesting and place a link to it on the highly coveted Freshly Pressed pages.

It’s a dilemma which affects all areas of the web, including non-blog sites who rely on search engines to get their website listed in front of potential customers. So as content creators how can you compete with large corporations like Coca Cola or Adidas who have huge teams creating new website content, even though every now and then some of it might not be all that informative?

One way, is to get involved in respected blogging circles and comment regularly on articles (with useful comments, and not just things like “great article – read my blog as well”).  The other way is to invite other people to guest blog on your own pages. If you are selective in who you ask then you can build up a bank of credible articles from people who have their own followers and they will hopefully spread the word that you have an important site worth visiting.

If you’ve ever seen the metrics section of your WordPress dashboard you’ll know that it’s able to monitor all visits to your blog pages and a little known fact is that it pays particular interest to visits from other WordPress users. Although this information isn’t displayed to WordPress users, like search engines, WordPress uses this information to group blogs into different content silos, so if you express an interest in one particular subject, it knows what blogs to present you with when you do a search.  This is another reason why it’s always important to tag your blog posts appropriately and include relevant keywords in the title or any alt tag attributes.

One comment on “Is being ‘Freshly Pressed’ better than sex?

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