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Where are you right now?

If consumer behaviour experts are correct, there’s an extremely strong possibility that right now, yes RIGHT THIS SECOND, you are reading this blog post whilst sat in front of your TV at home, browsing on your smart phone or tablet device.

Nope, that’s not me I hear you say? then maybe you’re in the second largest group of web browsers – using your PC (yes PC, not a MAC),  at work, probably during your lunch hour or at the start of the working day.

For digital marketing professionals, these are statistics that you really should be considering when you plan your online strategy for the next 12 months.

If your business is mainly B2B then much of your web traffic will come during office hours as customers look to make contact with a real person who can answer any questions not dealt with on your website. So if the statisticians are correct, you should focus the majority of your marketing efforts on a desktop compatible website (usually 960px wide), with vigorous testing in Internet Explorer 8 & 9.  Unfortunately, you may also have consider the extra cost requirements of development and testing for IE7 as this still makes up a significant proportion of browsers in corporate IT environments.  However, things aren’t all bad, as 99% of desktop browsers support Flash based content, so you can animate to your hearts content with interactive banner ads and skyscraper graphics.

If your business is B2C focussed (an ecommerce store for instance), most of your traffic is going to be out of office hours, and could even come from the other side of the globe. So make sure you optimise (or optimize if you’re that way inclined) for multiple languages, currencies and browsing platforms. With most smartphone users browsing whilst sat in front of the TV, you may also want to consider some offline advertising to complement your website. TV ads can generate enormous customer impression figures and coupled with coordinated online campaigns the return on ROI can be much more immediate than 10 or even 5 years ago.

Why not try a TV or radio advertising campaign that drives traffic to your website by featuring a voucher code or promotional competition. Some digital broadcasters even offer the opportunity to advertise via their EPG systems (electronic program guide) or via red button content add-ons. Voucher codes or specific landing page URL’s are also a great way of tracking visitors and the success rates of different marketing channels.

Why not use the comment box below and tell where you are reading this blog post from right now.  We’d also love to hear from marketing professionals about any campaigns you are currently running that combine online and offline elements.

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